Thursday, February 08, 2007

Arenas for 3!

I'll admit, I had no intention of watching the NBA All-Star three point contest this year. Even when a news story came on at the intermission of the Caps game said Gilbert Arenas was going to be in it, I was still kind of iffy. I mean, honestly, All-Star games are often just glorified exhibitions and the contests are even less meaningful. But then I heard Arenas vowed to come back and win it this year after his second place finish last year, and suddenly I want to watch. Genuinely so. See, make the outcome something sound like it means something to somebody playing in it, and fans tend to get interested. All-Star game planners (in all sports), take note!

If they played the games like they meant something and toned down the substitutions, we might all be fixated on events like the MLB, NBA, and NHL All-Star games or the NFL Pro Bowl. As this stand, though, I'd rather watch an actual exhibition game typically -- at least there I can see how people are preparing for the season on my favorite teams.

UPDATE: Gilbert says he's been practicing for the 3 pt competition for weeks. :) Sounds like he really is taking this seriously.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you regarding All Star games, not very interesting to watch. Gilbert Arenas however is exciting to watch and is a workaholic when it comes to perfecting his craft on the court.
I may be a slight bit biased considering I'm a die hard Wizard Fan but love him or hate him boring he is not. Good Luck Gil

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