Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In or Out?

Here are the NHL Standings. As of the time of this posting, the Washington Capitals are in 13th place in the Eastern Conference with 52 total points in the standings. That leaves them nine points behind the team that would have the 8th and final playoff spot if the season ended today, which is the Carolina Hurricanes. There's still 25 games or so to play. The Caps aren't out of it, but they're fading.

Points in the last two games are a good sign. The team is going to have to go on a run very soon to have a chance, though. First they could score goals but the defense was shaky and just as the defense is starting to shore up a tad, thanks to the addition of Jurcina, the offense seems to be slumping.

Even if the team misses out on the playoffs, though, it's been a heck of a year. Alexander Ovechkin and Alexander Semin have both more a joy to watch. As has Ollie Kolzig, as always, even at the age of 37.

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