Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Signing Day

The Baltimore Sun has just put a story up that runs down some statistics and opinions about the Maryland Terrapins' incoming football class. One of the key guys is lineman Bruce Campell, profiled here in the Diamondback (The U of M student newspaper)

Unfortunately, the Nittany Lions lost out on top prep prospect Broderick Green, whom they were hoping would fill the consider shoes left behind by graduating senior running back Tony Hunt. Green is going to USC, but the Joe Paterno's gang still has a pretty good recruiting class, bolstering the offensive line considerably, according to recruiting experts. I guess it's just been an offensive line kind of day here at that thoughtful crab, with this in addition to Ravens and Redskins offensive line news. Anyone who saw the Michigan game last year knows the Lions need the help there, though!


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